“Many nights I find myself mulling a couple common introspective questions such as, 'When my time comes, will the world be a better place because of my life than it would if I hadn't existed? Would others say that my life had a positive effect on the world and their lives?' ”

My career in website development and online marketing allows me to reach millions if not BILLIONS of people around the world with the opportunity to improve their lives either thru my content & designs or with the products I promote. Everyday I get to create impactful, positive online experiences that help uplift the world around me through innovative design concepts & products. These physical products & visual inspiration give my users many tools needed to promote positivity in their lives, families and communities as well. Which, in turn, helps improve the quality of all our lives and includes the world around all of us. I think that’s enough philosophy for the day. Now let me explain my background and why I’m so dedicated to my work including the reasons why I am such a highly sought after freelancer and full-time salary employee.

Hi I’m Matthew, a 36 year old website expert from Thousand Oaks, California. For the past 13 years I’ve used my abilities and talents towards the field I love and building my strengths in website development, UI design, UX optimization and Online Marketing. In that time I’ve solidified a strong reputation for my optimization of website speed and intuitive usability, by dramatically increasing conversion rates for many of my past employers and clients. Since 2008, I have excelled in website development and SEO positions ranging from entry-level to lower-management for small and medium sized businesses who offered B2C and B2B products and services. I’m always excited to undertake difficult projects that boost my employers sales and online visibility while using my extensive knowledge to also help coworkers and team members. I’m a fast learner, adapt quickly to new technologies and strategies, am a speedy typist (around 80wpm) and am known for my ability to multitask between a wide range of projects. The variety of my accomplishments, combining both technical and theoretical projects, is amplified by my strong work ethic and track record of proven results. Welcome to my portfolio of work! I hope you enjoy and appreciate this index of mobile-first development and online marketing challenges I’ve completed.